Suzanne Jennerich is the designer behind Moóca—an exciting line of swimwear (Moóca Beach), T-shirts (Moóca Tees), and fitnesswear (Beija Flor by Moóca).

Before she started Mooca in 2006, Suzanne designed womenswear at the Gap/Old Navy in New York City. Now she shares her time between her hometown, Hamburg, Germany, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

For each collection Suzanne flies to Brazil, where she works closely with a tiny factory that has gained her trust by turning out the most exquisite work: immaculate cuts and handiwork with special attention to the intricate embroidery and handcrocheted appliqués her vibrant, fun styles are known for.

“I just love Brazil,” Suzanne says. “There couldn’t be a better place to design and produce bikinis. It feels so good to wake up early, see the rising sun, and go out for a long run along the Copacabana, with the sparkling blue ocean at my side. This is when I have time to think and get energy for the day ahead. On the way home, sipping on a fresh coconut, I always take in the view of the Christo on top of the Sugarloaf, then I walk past the little ferryboat and marvel how much this feels like a vacation—but in fact, I’m just about to begin another busy workday in this bustling, colorful city...”

“I started this company for my friends and like-minded women,” says Suzanne. “We’re passionate and creative, and we love the sun and the beach. I want women to put on my pieces and feel instantly transported to a tropical locale. I’d like them to feel beautiful, sexy, and carefree—and I believe my designs can play a little part in that.  Not only are the fresh, happy colors and prints instant mood boosters, I’ve also done a lot of research to develop super-flattering cuts that accentuate women’s natural curves in all the right places.”

“Try wearing the bikini top instead of your favorite bra: The straps look supercute peeking out from underneath your favorite tank top and will put you instantly in a good mood...”

Suzanne’s dream? “Trying to make the world a more colorful and happy place, striving to make a difference in whatever way I can.”

In April 2007, Moóca opened its first showroom and store in Hamburg, Germany, but its pieces are also available in select stores in the United States, on Ibiza, and all over Germany.